Calamari flash fried, cocktail sauce, lemon 12

Polenta Saltata con Parmigiano Parmesan polenta, pan seared, with Bolognese and fresh Mozzarella 10

Gamberone con Crosta di Parmigiano Large parmesan encrusted shrimp over mesclun greens with balsamic and remoulade sauce 12

Bruschetta al Pomodoro Roma tomatoes, red onion, garlic, basil, and parmesan on grilled bread 9

Bruschette e Calamari A combination of our bruschetta and calamari 12

Caprese Salad Slices of tomato with fresh mozzarella drizzled with olive oil, balsamic vinegar
and fresh cracked pepper. Garnished with fresh basil 8

Antipasto di Manzo Homemade meatballs, Italian sausage, roasted red peppers, tomato basil 9

Strudel ai Quattro Formaggi Four cheese strudel with a fennel infused pomodoro 8

Raw Oysters Half dozen fresh-shucked oysters on the half shell, served with cocktail sauce, horseradish, and lemon 14

Oyster Rockefeller Half dozen oysters topped with a mixture of spinach, fresh garlic, prosciutto, parmesan, pancetta, onions, sweet butter, olive oil, and panko crumbs 15

Mitili alla Provenzale Prince Edward Island mussels, with a tomato, garlic, and butter sauce 12.5

Create your own Pasta

Select a Sauce

Marinara Basilico Pear tomato and fresh basil sauce, with portabella mushrooms and roasted red peppers 15

Alfredo A classic, simply made with imported parmesan, fresh cream, and sweet butter 16

Bolognese Traditional meat sauce 17

Diavolo Fennel infused cream based pomodoro sauce 15

Carbonara Alfredo Sauce with prosciutto, peas, and fresh garlic 18

Café Primavera Assorted seasonal vegetables sautéed in extra virgin olive oil with fresh garlic and fresh basil (add gorgonzola $1) 15

Select a Pasta

Linguini • Flat and Narrow
Fettuccini • Flat and Wide
Rigatoni • Large Tubular
Farfalle • Bowtie
Penne • Tubular
Capellini • Angel Hair
Gluten-Free Pasta • $2.00

Select Toppings

Meatballs – 4
Italian Sausage – 4
Combination – 4
Chicken 4
Shrimp 6
Chicken & Shrimp 7
Scallops 10

Chef’s Signature Selections

Chicken & Shrimp Gamberetti  – Grilled Chicken and sautéed shrimp with roasted red peppers, fresh basil, and farfalle tossed with a shrimp cream sauce 20

Tortellini – Tri-Colored cheese tortellini, portabella mushrooms, artichoke hearts, prosciutto, garlic, with a basil cream sauce 20

Grilled Pork Chops – Twin 8 ounce Pork Chops finished with our famous honey pear sauce 23

New York Strip con Pasta – 8 oz New York Strip sliced and served over capellini, topped with olive oil, garlic, capers, grape tomato, and kalamata olives 26

Seafood Diavolo – Prince Edward Island Mussels, shrimp calamari, and king crab simmered in a fennel infused pomodoro sauce over linguine. Mildly spiced. 28

Insalata Toscana – Mesclun greens tossed with artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, tomatoes, olives, walnuts, bleu cheese, fresh mozzerella, fontinella cheese, with a balsamic vingerette

  • Chicken 17
  • Scallops 26
  • Shrimp 21
  • Salmon 22
  • Filet 36

Select your preferred fresh seafood

Salmon 23

Branzino (Sea Bass) 35

Pettine Seared Scallops 22

Choose of our Chef’s specialty sauces
Can be served over capellini pasta or with garlic mashed potatoes

Pomo Fresca
Fresh chopped tomatoes, Fresh basil, and fresh garlic sauteed in extra virgin olive oil.

Lemon Buerre Blanc
White wine and lemon juice, finished with sweet cream butter

Presented over a bed of mixed grilled vegetables and topped with our maitre d’ butter


Pollo & Vitello
Chicken-19 Veal-27

Marsala wine, mushrooms, and demi-glace, finished with a touch of butter

White wine, lemon and capers, finished with sweet butter

Herbed bread crumbs, marinara, and baked mozzarella over linguine

Artichoke hearts, fresh tomato, prosciutto, garlic, and fresh basil, deglazed with white wine, over fettuccini with butter


Café Calamari takes great pride in our premium hand selected top quality steaks ensuring you always enjoy flavorful, tender, juicy cuts! Please choose from our New York Strip or Filet and have it prepared from the Chef’s following options.

8 oz Filet ~ 37
 or 16 oz New York Strip ~ 38

Sicilian Encrusted
Encrusted with Italian seasoning, lightly floured, pan fried until golden, topped with maitre d’ butter and fresh lemon

A classic bordelaise made with red wine, shallots, butter, and demi glace

Encrusted with a spice blend and seared in a cast iron pan

Grilled Vegetables
Topped with maitre d’ butter and served over a bed of assorted grilled seasonal vegetables. No Starch

Chefs Daily Specials

Oysters DeJonghe
Chef Bryan’s Famous BBQ Ribs

Spinach Artichoke Dip
Beef Wellington

Portabella Mushroom Duxelle Encroute
Chicken Vesuvio

Fresh Shrimp Civiche
Boneless Short Ribs

Sicilian Encrusted Prime Rib

Chef’s creation

$5.95 plate charge for split entrees, as each plate receives salad, full starch and vegetable.
A 20% gratuity will be added to parties of six or more